Race engines ~ Cylinder heads
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Check and Adjust Valve Clearance
Four Stroke Recut Valve Seat, Serdi Hi Flow Valve Job
Four Stroke Head Modification (Porting)
$350.00 & up
Install Valve Seats With Platinum Serdi Hi Flow Valve Job
Top-End Rebuild Labor (Starting at)
$250.00 & up
Disassemble, Clean, Surface, and Reassemble Cylinder Head Only (OFF BIKE)
Clean & Surface Disassembled Cylinder Head (OFF BIKE)
Lighten and Balance Crank.
Call for pricing
LSF Transmission Treatment
Call for pricing
Ecu Programming (Starting at)
$50.00 & up
Complete Engine Rebuild Labor (Starting at)
$450.00 & up
R & R Motor from Chassis (Starting at)
$150.00 & up