Dart Coatings provide a range of benefits including enhanced durability, thermal control, friction reduction and corrosion resistance.
  DC1 Teflon© Blend Coating
Dart's DC1 Teflon© Blend coating combines high load capacity and low frictional properties. DC1 is specially formulated to perform as a secondary lubricant under conditions where oil is present. This makes it ideal for use on piston skirts, where it prevents scuffing and galling and extends piston ring seal life.

DC2 Reflective Heat Barrier
Dart's DC2 Reflective Heat Barrier coating addresses a number of heat related engine issues. DC2 enhances flame propagation, lowers oil temperatures and maintains high exhaust gas temperatures, creating faster travel and better scavenging. It also protects a variety of parts from heat damage!

DC3 Engine Bearing Wear Guard
DC3 Engine Bearing Wear Guard has high load capacity and is formulated to create optimal surface to surface contact conditions for engine bearings and crankshaft, greatly extending the lifespan of these components.

DC4 Lubricating Coating
The DC4 coating greatly enhances wear life and load capacity where fatigue due to abrasion, adhesion, or corrosive wear are a concern. Ideal for high pressure, high temperature and heavy surface contact applications such as valve springs, valve stems, camshafts, gears and many other components.

DC5 Oil Shedding Coating
The DC5 coating is formulated to shed petrolium based lubricants rather than retain them. This makes it effective in applications such as crankshaft counter weights, windage trays, connecting rods and others where parasitic drag can cause loss of power and efficiency.

DC6 Alcohol/Methanol Friction Protectant
Dart's DC6 coating lubricates and protects piston skirts, valve springs, engine bearings and other components in applications where alcohol or methanol would break down other coatings.

DC7 Anti-Corrosive Coating
Dart's DC7 coating addresses corrosion and oxidation problems that result from exposure to the weather, or from the presence of corrosive chemicals such as gasoline, alcohol, nitro methane, brake fluid, antifreeze and a number of other substances that can cause damage to important engine components.

DC8 Marine Jacket Coating
Dart's DC8 coating is designed to prevent salt water corrosion in the water jackets of intake manifolds and cylinder heads. The DC8 coating does not impede the transfer of heat and is excellent for use with both iron and aluminum components.

DC9 Marine Shield Treatment
The DC9 treatment is the ideal solution for salt water marine aluminum cylinder heads and engine blocks, where corrosion and abrasion can quickly destroy unprotected parts. The treament also has dielectric properties which provide resistance to damaging galvanic corrosion.

DC10 Hard Carbon
The DC10 Hard Carbon coating is three times harder than steel, has a low coefficient of friction, and is corrosion resistant. DC10 Hard Carbon offers the ultimate in protection for valves and a broad range of other components.

DC11 Velocity Flow Finish
Dart's DC11 Velocity Flow Finish is designed to increase airflow velocity in components where air speed is an important performance factor. DC11 can be used on a variety of components including turbo and blower compressors, cylinder head and manifold intake ports, intercoolers and intercooler piping, hood scoops and carburetors.